The biggest parts of our lives often have the most unexpected beginnings. TFG’s journey began at Wofford College, where the trajectory of one student’s life was completely changed. Gary Blount, TFG’s founder and wealth advisor, originally attended Wofford on a football scholarship to earn his accounting degree. Little did he know that Wofford would be where he met his wife Stephanie, and also come to faith in Jesus. Campus outreach was pivotal in growing his faith, while developing as an athlete challenged him to work with his teammates towards a common goal. This would prove invaluable for what was next.

“…a source of guidance in a culture of immediate gratification…”

Now a loyal alumni and successful graduate, Gary fully intended on taking over his father’s CPA practice. However, after interviewing at a few financial service companies, it didn’t take long for him to realize what he really wanted: to help people make better financial decisions and secure a future for their families. As a financial advisor, he could be a source of guidance in a culture of immediate gratification, and educate his clients on how to plan for the long-term and the unexpected. That was when the dream of Terrier Financial Group was born.

After 8 years of working in the financial industry and helping hundreds of clients, Gary decided that it was time to branch out and create his own firm. He wanted to build a business where the values he adopted as a Wofford “Terrier” could be fully expressed. The foundation of this new firm would be built on trust, kindness, integrity, and wisdom; all of which are qualities of the terrier itself. But the terrier logo is more than just an alma mater; it’s a statement of loyalty and a commitment to serving our clients in the years ahead.