Regardless of when you begin to accumulate wealth, a successful plan will require:

  • A long-term investment strategy
  • A commitment to seeing it through
  • An understanding of your risk tolerance

All of these factors are considered when we create an accumulation plan that can help ensure you are prepared for all the fluctuations of life.



The simple phrase has been said for years; “Some plans work. Having no plans never works.”

Having any type of plan is better than not having a plan at all. However, in the event of a financial windfall or an untimely death, it is essential to have a plan that protects those closest to you. At Terrier Financial Group, we value and respect the time needed to prepare, design and follow a financial plan that also includes your family and loved ones. We consider this one of the fundamental parts of working together and building a relationship.


401(k) ADVICE

Investing in a 401k plan is essential for the vast majority of American citizens to achieve a successful and happy retirement. It is very important to ensure that your 401k is being managed correctly.

Start Your 401k Early

It’s never too early or too late to start saving in a 401k plan. There isn’t a magical age to start saving in a 401k plan; even if you’re in your 40s or 50s, there’s still time to build a significant nest egg for retirement. We like this simple savings advice: the best time to start saving in a 401k plan is yesterday, the second-best time to start saving in a 401k plan is today, and the worst time to start saving in a 401k is tomorrow.



Understanding tax strategies and managing your tax bill should be part of any sound financial approach. Some taxes can be deferred, and others can be managed through tax-efficient investing. With careful and consistent preparation, you may be able to manage the impact of taxes on your financial efforts.



We can plan for some of the events in our lives. Yet, we will inevitably be faced with unexpected changes. Retirement planning can be affected by several things, such as: a change of employer, a lay-off, a spouse entering or leaving the workforce, or a disability. Advisors who specialize in providing well-designed choices for all the various changes you may face can be an invaluable resource as you construct, or reconstruct, your retirement plan.

It can be 5, 10, 15 years into the future, or right around the corner. With the right plan and resources in place, your retirement can be a seamless transition from a working career into a time of leisure, travel, and simply enjoying having freedom over your day.



Effective estate management enables you to manage your affairs during your lifetime, and to also control the distribution of your wealth after death. An effective estate strategy can spell out your healthcare wishes and ensure that they’re carried out – even if you are unable to communicate them. It can even designate someone to manage your financial affairs should you be unable to do so.